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Endscopic Therapies

A small video camera tipped is passed through the mouth into the stomach. An inflatable special balloon is placed inside the stomach and left behind for 6 months. Weight loss happens over 6 month’s period. Right diet and activity will complement the endoscopic to have more success.
For deserving patients, a newer technique where in the stomach is stitched from inside using an endoscope can be performed.

Do You Have Time Constraints

Every type of weight loss program will be effective if given sufficient time. However when you want to plan your wedding ceremony or any other important personal or official meetings the conventional program may not suit you.
In such situations, you can select our fast track weight loss program. Under this we will take into consideration your needs and work on the reasonable target achievable within the time .the type of therapy offered may vary from individual to individual according to their expectations.

Comprehensive Health Programs

You can choose the combination of weight loss programs according to your choice. Clients opt to choose two three or four solutions as they feel necessary. Our experts will help you in deciding the option

  •  Diet

  •  Fitness

  •  Yoga

  •  Stress

  •  Endoscopic

  •  Comprehensive

  •  Fast track

  •  Sleeve

  •  Bypass

  •  MGB

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